We shape and deliver group based or in some cases, 1-2-1, personal development, coaching engagement programmes, using The Dream Manager framework. For businesses with employees just like yours.

Great businesses recognise that if you want to engage your people at work, you first have to get them engaged with life – and that’s what our programme does.

We get them engaged in every area – not just buying in to YOUR business, YOUR mission, YOUR values, YOUR purpose, YOUR quarterly results and YOUR MBO’s & KPI’s.

Do you see anything one-sided with those? Well, most engagement activities don’t work because they just serve the organisation and don’t put the person at the heart of everything – we do the opposite and our participants and their employers benefit as a result!

  • 12 monthly impactful 90 minute themed sessions
  • Delivered in groups of 8-12 people (and sometimes 1-2-1) in your offices
  • We provide certified Dream Managers® (or we certify your people) to run the programme
  • We provide continuous Intersession support via multiple touch points – delivered to the home and in the workplace (emails, texts, Whatsapp groups, postcards etc)
  • We deliver all the collateral (books, workbooks and e-files) to the participant throughout the year
  • We measure the participants attitudes before month 1, at month 6 and at month 11 – and report back results to you, to help demonstrate/evidence the ROI
  • We support your internal/external communication and PR opportunities before and during the programme

We use another of Matthew Kelly’s books ‘Rhythm of Life’ to support the content and flow of the programme. Like Stephen R. Covey’s ‘7 habits of Highly Effective People’, we use four key pillars (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual) from Matthew’s book, to check in with the group, at the start of each session, so that the participants can get a sense of where they are and what they might want to focus on in particular, to maintain or improve one of these key areas of life. We also check in on their progress towards their dreams.

Sessions 1 & 2 –  Participants are encouraged to explore what they want to do, be, have and experience  (their dreams, hopes and aspirations) in 12 key areas of life – professional, legacy, character, intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, creative, adventure, psychological, financial and material. We then help build a framework to identify specific and measurable actions they can take towards their identified short, medium and long term target dreams.

Sessions 3 & 4 –  Because life and dreams often have a strong financial component, we spend these sessions helping participants explore their own relationship and attitudes to money.  We then support them into looking at their own personal budgeting, planning and financial future and to take a look at what things really cost.

Sessions 5 & 8 – In these sessions we help people look at their own personality, as well as those around them, using the MBTI tool. We then use The 7 levels of intimacy model (from another Matthew Kelly best seller) to help them develop an understanding of their own successful and less successful communication styles, and to identify ways to use communication to improve their relationships (in all areas of life).

Sessions 6 & 7  – Sessions 6 and 7 are focused on supporting the participants as they review and develop their own perspectives and habits towards time and energy, diet, rest and exercise.

Sessions 9 & 10 – Session 9 focuses on helping participants explore their own attitudes and pre-conceptions towards learning and to help them identify learning opportunities. Session 10 then helps the group understand who they are and what their connection with the world is. This can take various forms, from peace, time and space, through to religion – depending on the individual perspective.

Sessions 11 – We spend this session helping participants explore what their professional mastery vision might look like, including past and current successes and then what specific plans and actions they might take to progress towards that vision.

Sessions 12 – This session reviews the progress made and helps each participant explore their character and integrity and the role these play in their lives. It then supports them to identify development and growth opportunities in these areas. Finally, participants look forward to the next years programme (as appropriate).

You get:

  • Higher true engagement
  • More motivated employees
  • More loyalty
  • More cooperation/increased team dynamics
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower attrition / Higher retention
  • Lower recruitment and development costs
  • Higher profits

And Employees who are:

  • More effective communicators
  • More strategic in their thinking
  • Better at planning and goal setting
  • More supportive of each other
  • Better leaders, managers and peers
  • More connected with their career
  • Better versions of themselves

What are the benefits to the employee?

  • A new found focus on what they want to be do have and experience
  • Improved whole life skills like goal setting, budgeting and planning
  • Greater sense of balance/blend
  • Improved wellness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better self awareness
  • Improved relationships (in and out of work)
  • A connection with themselves and what they want life to look like
  • Happier and more motivated

It works for all levels in a company – depending on what areas of focus, improvement or development you are trying to achieve.

So it might be that you want to reduce attrition, increase service levels, improve engagement, improve profit or simply to continue to demonstrate and support the culture of being a great place to work and a company that puts your people first.

Example implementations include:

  • Leadership development programmes (all or part)
  • Specific levels of management
  • Divisions, team or departments
  • Cross-functional/mixed groups
  • Company wide

The Cost

We charge on a simple per session per participant basis, so your participants receive and benefit from really impactful coaching, with the costs spread across the whole group!